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What is the SuperMini Challenge

SuperMini Challenge Inc (SMC) is an Australian Motorsport affiliated; QLD incorporated non-profit club, which commenced at the beginning of the 2022 season. The SMC is run by an elected, voluntary management committee made up of paid members, for the benefit of all competitors and all members.

The primary focus the SuperMini Challenge Series is to promote an enjoyable and fun racing series at state and club level that provides fun, competitive and budget friendly motorsport and that provides an entry level of competition that is regulated, but with pathways provided to continue more spirited competition within the club should the competitor so wish.

The SuperMini Challenge has been created to provide an annual competition (Championship) featuring relatively low-cost, competitive, good spirited racing to provide the following outcomes:

  • Develop driving skills and race craft
  • Learn car set up to optimise performance
  • Provide a steppingstone to State based racing series
  • Go racing at a reasonable cost
  • Race within an environment that promotes camaraderie and learnings
  • Have an effective scoring system

It is also intended to foster the development of racing and encourage new entrants to the sport. Newcomers will be provided support and assistance, and competitors will be expected to demonstrate consideration towards them under race conditions.

The SuperMini Challenge is currently a QLD based series of events that forms a racing championship. The Series is held over six events, based at Lakeside Park, Morgan Park and Queensland Raceway. The race events will have an organising body that will sanction and host the race event, and the SuperMini Challenge will take grid spots at each of the events as listed in the Calendar. A series points system is in place and points are awarded to competitors at the completion of each round and as a series. At the completion of the Season, a SuperMini Series champion for each Class and an overall SuperMini Challenge Series champion will be awarded.