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Rules and Regulations

SuperMini Challenge Inc (SMC) is an Australian Motorsport affiliated, QLD incorporated non-profit club, which commenced at the beginning of the 2022 season. The SMC is run by an elected, voluntary management committee made up of paid-members, for the benefit of all competitors and
all members.

This Preamble is considered to represent the Core Values of how this club navigates the Competition Rules (Rules). The primary focus of the SMC Management Committee is to promote an enjoyable and fun racing series at state and club level that provides fun, competitive and budget friendly motorsport and that provides an entry level of competition that is regulated, but with pathways provided to continue more spirited competition within the club should the competitor so wish.

The overriding emphasis of these Rules is to interpret them whilst clearly understanding that it is
club level racing for the purpose of FUN. Therefore, it should be clearly understood that the
foremost intention of these Rules is to provide a balanced and equitable racing series for the drivers (and their vehicles) competing in it.

Any proposed changes within these Rules can only done by EXC membership at the AGM through +50% majority vote. The exception is if the proposed change is to change the Core Values, whereby there must be an +80% majority vote at the AGM.

Any of the Rules and/or regulations can be dissected to re-interpret them to suit those who do so, however they are to be read bearing in mind the intent with which they are written. If they do not
say you can do something, then you cannot. As such the Management Committee will make any final decision as deemed necessary and it may be required to make changes to these Rules at any time,
subject to these changes not conflicting with the Club’s core value.